How do I install the Deckmate system?

Check out our install videos here

Will the Deckmate system work with my DBrand skin or hard case?

Yes! Included for free with every order is both a Steam Deck specific mount and a mount that can adhere to anything. If you have a case or a Dbrand skin, you can adhere the universal mount to it to enable to whole system!

The one type of case it does not work well on is a silicone/soft case. The mount needs to be attached to something rigid in order to interact well with the mechanism.

Will the Deckmate system work with the JSAUX dock or Steam Dock?

Also yes! The universal mount that adheres to anything is small and does not interface with the bottom of the Deck. So if you have a dock that the Deck sits on, you can use that version of the system.

Will the Deckmate damage my Steam Deck?

Nope! I've gone through quite rigorous testing and it hasn't yet damaged my Steam Deck. Just make sure not to use any of the adhesive mounts directly on your Deck and it will be fine!

Do you ship internationally?

We are getting there, but we don't currently offer it. If you need international shipping, please check out our Etsy page, which helps handle all the complicated international logistics needed.

Who are you?

I’ve been a product design engineer for over 10 years and have worked at many of the big names you probably know, including a random fruit sounding company.

As an aside, Valve has an open position for my exact role available. If you’re curious what I do, reading this description will give you a good understanding! It’s a super cool job for anyone curious in developing hardware!