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DeckMate Digital Files

DeckMate Digital Files

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The bread and butter of the whole operation. Everything you need to get these printed on your own machine!

The design has been locked! (6/1)

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Current file revision: 2


  • Deckmate: Fixed microSD holders

  • Mechanism parts: Fit and slide better together. New assembly method with a much better and consistent snapping assembly

  • VESA Mount: Brand new mount

  • Universal mount: Made it wider to have more VHB for better attachment

  • Kickstand mount: Now uses 3rd screw in mechanism for a more secure connection

  • Case Mate: Do you have a case on your deck? Now all you need is to download the case mating part and attach it via VHB to your case to be able to use all attachments.


Here is the Bill of Materials list to build this up on your own:

1) Hinge mechanism: here

2) Springs: here (Alternatively, you can use ball point pen springs, which is what I am currently using)

3) Plastic heat set inserts: here

4) Screws: here

5) VHB (adhesive): here


All files are correctly oriented for you to print without supports!

The print settings that I used:

  • 0.20mm layer height

  • Material: PLA

  • 15% infill

  • 215 degree Nozzle Temp

  • 60 degree Bed Temp

Please consider donating to the project if you downloaded these files!



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