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Universal Puck

Universal Puck

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Note: This listing is for one universal puck only! If you only buy this, it won’t have anything to attach to. You can grab the DeckMate Grip here.

I can think of at least 10 uses for this:

1) Battery pack

2) SSD drive

3) USB-C Hub

4) Belt buckle

5) Cup holder

6) Attach your deck to your dog’s collar

7) Well you get the point…

This guy is so strong that the adhesive is only one time use.

WARNING: The adhesive on these accessories is VERY strong and can cause damage to surfaces. If you plan to adhere your mount to a delicate surface consider putting masking tape on the surface first.

Adhesive removal tip: Lightly warming the adhesive with a hair dryer will assist in removal.

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