• GamingOnLinux

    The stand that you can get for the DeckMate is frankly brilliant. Sturdy, easy to clip on and easy to remove to put it away. The other accessories you can get are equally as good.

    I'm a serious fan.

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  • PCgamesN

    Deckmate is a swiss-army accessory for your Steam Deck. A hot swappable Steam Deck accessory system is now available to buy, and the Deckmate enables your portable gaming PC to perform various mounting tricks...

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  • Linux Gaming Central

    DeckMate? Checkmate!

    One thing that always puzzled me is why Valve didn’t include a kickstand for the Deck. I’m happy to report I now have that accessory, which – to be quite honest – is essential for a device like the Steam Deck.

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"Absolutely incredible product! Extremely versatile, I use it nearly every time I pick up the Deck!"

- Spencer

Meet The Mounts

The Kickstand

Kick back, relax, and angle the shit out of your deck. Unlimited angle adjustabilty, to a point of course. (0 to 120 degrees)

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The Universal Puck

Attach this bad boy to literally anything. A battery bank, a USB-C hub, or whatever your heart desires.

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The Wall Mount

Quickly and easily dock your Deck next to your TV, or on your nightstand, or on your toilet. That’s a thing, right?

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The VESA Mount

Attach your Deck to ANY VESA accessory that is designed for 75mm. Pole mounts, display arms, TV mounts, the world is your oyster!

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