Need the hardware?

Our new DIY Kit includes everything you need to assemble your 3D printed parts and ships worlswide!

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Full System

The full monty. Remember, you don't need support material to print any of these guys.

Download Here

Deckmate Killswitch Adapter

Print this one if you want to use the Deckmate mounts with your Killswitch case!

You do not need to print with support material, most printers can easily bridge this overhang.

Some users have reported that this can be a little tight to assemble. This largely depends on your printer. If you find your part printed too tightly, warm it with a hair dryer and shape it into place once. Afterwards it will fit perfectly.

Download Here

Allymate Grip

This part requires supports to print correctly.

The Allymate grip is designed to clip directly on to you ROG Ally. Easily swap out accessories and mounts without using an adhesive adapter.

Download the "Full System" to print compatible accessories.

Download Here