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Entire System

Entire System

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Get the Cablemate for only $10 with the purchase of any bundle! Discount applied at checkout when both are added to cart.

The whole shebang. The entire enchilada or whatever they say. The absolute perfect gift since it includes it all. You'll never get it wrong!

This bundle includes:

  • 1x Deckmate Grip

  • 1x Kickstand

  • 1x Wall mount

  • 2x Universal Puck - mount your external hard drives, battery banks, USB hub, snacks and more to your Deck

  • 1x VESA mount

  • 1x Deckmate adapter - makes the Deckmate system work with any hard case!

  • Extras - VESA Mount screws, Wall Mount screws, extra Universal Puck adhesive, and an alcohol wipe.

Adhesive removal tip: Wedge a piece of dental floss between the surface and the adhesive. Pulling the floss taught use a back and forth sawing motion to free it. To remove leftover bits of adhesive rub your finger over the surface until it releases.

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